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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh, The Woes of Technology!

Dear Ones,
Let me begin by saying that I apologize for any inconvenience
that my trying to switch from Blogger Chrome~ to ~Google +
and back to Blogger Chrome may have caused for any of you!

What a nightmare!!!

So~o~o let me begin by saying that . . .
in the beginning when I didn't switch to Blogger Chrome,
*I couldn't load photos to my post,
*Nor could I leave comments on your posts.

I switched to Blogger Chrome and life was good 
until. . . April 19, 2013 
when I pushed the button to upgrade to Google+.

Fearful, once again, I would be unable to operate my blog,
I joined Google+
BUT. . .
* Many of the blogs I follow no longer show up on My Blogs.
*My faithful followers have notified me you can not comment.
*Also, my own Comment drop down bar has disappeared.

Here's what I have done. . .
*I switched back to Blogger Chrome!
    However, the same issues exist!
*I have sent a Help Requester to Blogger!
     I have heard nothing!

Thank you for your patience 
while I'm working towards a satisfactory solution.
I appreciate your patience more than you could possibly know!
*and if any of you ladies in the Land of Blog knows of "the fix",
please contact me with details. I will try your suggestions.

My schedule, the week of April 29 thru May 4
is overpacked here On Crooked Creek
but I will be working towards a solution each free moment.

During this trial time, feel free to leave a comment 
under my FB posting from On Crooked Creek.
( Posted under my name and not my blog name.)

Many, many thanks to those of you have e~mailed
to make me better aware of the problems with Comments.
I can see by the amount of Views that you're still with me
. . .and I am continually blessed by your friendship and support.

Until next time. . .

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