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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old Christmas Tree. . .

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It's NOT a typo. . .although I do a lot of that lately! I know you think it should read, O Christmas Tree. But this, dear ones, is a post about our old Christmas Tree.

'Twas the Night before my birthday, too many years ago. . . all the neighborhood children were out playing in the snow! All except me. I had to stay indoors due to my umpteenth time with strep throat! My parents had just received the news that I had severe allergies to all evergreen trees. Down came the beautiful fir tree they had just decorated and into the house came the glistening silver tree with the circular, electric, rotary four hued disc in red, yellow, blue, and green. Fighting back tears at the ripe age of ten, I totally lost it when my older brother came into the room, took one look at that tree and the fir on the porch and said, "Gee, thanks sissy."

The December I turned twelve, my brother, married with children, took that silver tree to his own home. We had a brand new artificial six foot Scottish Pine. A green tree, at last. . .and, still to this day I decorate our old Christmas Tree.

For nearly 46 years now, I've decorated our old Christmas Tree. Every year, I think it's time for the landfill. Then the memories come flooding back. I wipe the tears, get out the ornaments and decorate that old tree with all the love I can give!

This past year, even I had my doubts. During after Christmas sales, I purchased fifteen bunches of greenery with pine cones. Each sprig of greenery went into the boughs to fill in the void spaces of the time~worn tree.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should tell you how much I love clear lights. This six foot tree has approximately 500 lights! Being an 'early riser', mornings On Crooked Creek are spent with coffee, the old Christmas Tree and me! There is something so serene about time alone with the Lord and the lights on the tree. . .truly, heavenly!

During my sons college years funding for decor was non~existent, I gathered up all the faux fruit I could find, plus the left~over Christmas ribbon and made clusters to hang inside the branches. This past year, I purchased rolls of sage green embossed ribbon to use for garland.

Our old Christmas Tree is a traditional tree. Using three traditional colors of reds, golds, and greens. The ornaments are red and gold. Gold swirling spirals give shine and radiance to the branches. Newly purchased bronze and gold beaded spirals bring about a vintage flair.

The additional greenery sprigs, with a touch of twigs, gives another dimension to the top of the sparse pine tree. Notice how nicely it has filled out ?

Angel or star? It has always been an angel on our traditional tree. The smiles exchanged between Father and Son will always be pondered in my heart and mind as little ones were lifted high into the air to place the angel in her regal place.

From top. . .

to center. . .

to bottom. . .

our old Christmas Tree!

Until next time. . .

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