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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updating the West Wing!

I really haven't been putting up Christmas Trees On Crooked Creek...NOT yet! What you've been seeing is a BIG BLUNDER on my part. In updating and adding labels to my post, I somehow managed to publish LAST YEAR'S Christmas post. You WONDERFUL  Blog Land ladies never missed a beat. . .I've received several NEW comments! Thank you for being LOYAL followers!!! True friends to the end! Here's what I've been working on. . .

Dear Ones,

I can hardly believe that we have been On Crooked Creek for nearly 10 years. . .where does time go? As many of you are familiar, "Mr. Ed" and I live in a 1970's Ranch Style home on the  South Central Western Prairie. Upon arrival, we worked non~stop for three years updating and renovating a "good bones" house to make it into our home.

Last  April, while preparing for our dinner group, as I was dusting the galley shelves in The West Wing hallway. . .disaster struck. Literally. Three long galley shelves, housing our son and daughter~ in~ laws wedding photos, came crashing down on my toes!!! Needless to say those shelves were destroyed; however, we were able to repair the frames. . .my toes, also, survived.

After "Mr. Ed" repaired the huge holes in the wall, we rehung three photos. Those have remained the only three photos on the wall for well over a year in our West Wing. During the summer months, when the extreme heat draws us indoors,  "Mr. Ed" and I concentrate on interior decor and updating areas of our home.

Wanting to add a more personal  interest to the West Wing. . .I began re~arranging  the wedding photos. First, I laid them out on the bed. After several trial ~ and ~ error layouts, I finally achieved the arrangement that worked best in the limited space.

I adore the look! It makes me smile each and every time I pass through the West Wing! Remembrances of that wonderful day 10 years ago, when we gained a new member in our family, flood over me with such joy!

Sharing their vows . . sealed with a kiss. . . and now as Mr. and Mrs.

          Supported by family. . .

                                                            and friends!!!

                                                                   . . . may their love know no end!!!

I want to thank my dear blog friend, Marty, from A Stroll Thru Life for inspiring me to get those photos out of the closet and back up on the wall!!! You can admire her decorating talents and gain inspiration for your own home at... . . .

"Mr. Ed" and I still have the largest wall of the West Wing hallway to complete. We are working on a plan to showcase the heritage of our families. Still a work in progress...we are gathering our photos and collaborating ideas. Be sure to keep watching for the Reveal On Crooked Creek in the near future!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining our dear hostess, Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday! If it's inspiration for your own home you're craving, be sure to visit and see all the fabulous ideas the Blog Land ladies have for your viewing pleasure!

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