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Monday, July 4, 2011

Livin' Down Under. . .

When the temperature on the prairie stays @ 100 degrees or above for any number of days. . ."Mr. Ed" and I begin livin' down under! Down under ~ as in lower level living On Crooked Creek!

The lower level living area On Crooked Creek is what many in our area deem" The Family Room"! Since it's just "Mr. Ed", Maurice and I . . . we call it Livin' Down Under. . .

"Mr. Ed" is an avid Trout Fisherman! If he could live @ Bennett Spring Missouri State Park, he would! I'm NOT a fisherwoman. . .so~o~o. . .here we are. . .On Crooked Creek close to our son and daughter ~in~law! I did, however; keep the decor on the lower level living area in a Fisherman's Paradise Theme!

A gift for "Mr. Ed" years ago, one of his favorite statutes is the porcelain figurine simply stating "Gone Fishin'  ". Notice his stringer is filled with the catch of the day. I will tell you ladies that we never leave Bennett Spring State Park without "Mr. Ed's" legal limit of Trout! 

This is an overview of the end table to the  left of the sofa with all the fishing relics a fisherman could desire.

The end table to the right of the sofa represents the more whimsical side to our fisherman.

What for many would be a pencil cup desk accessory is a remote control holder for "Mr. Ed"! We have an intense collection of those black bears. Aren't they just the cutest things???

A birthday gift, coasters are used more for candies, pretzels and nuts while we're snacking during a movie.

Directly across from the sofa is "Mr. Ed's" Christmas present from Christmas On Crooked Creek. As many of you followers know, we alternate years of hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas with our son and daughter ~in ~law. This year we will host Thanksgiving On Crooked Creek!!!

My Grandmother's dining room table serves as a place for board games, dominoes, or playing cards. We each have stacks (or stashes) of books and magazines for reading and lounging pleasure, as well.

"Mr. Ed's" fishing creel is the perfect place to camouflage the reeded room diffuser, don't you agree???

Sometimes I challenge "Mr. Ed" to a game of checkers. . . but I DON'T let him win! I adore the table base our son made for the over sized chess/ checkers game board. Many times we just sit and listen quietly while his vintage LP's play and dream of our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring Missouri State Park!!!

After all. . ."Mr. Ed" has his Trout Fisherman of The Year title to uphold!!!

Until next time. . .

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