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Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrating Baby Kitty's Big Day!

H A P P Y   B I R T D A Y   B A B    K I T T Y ! 

Dear Baby Kitty,

My, owner, Pat @ On Crooked Creek and I wish you a purr ~ fect day filled with joy and wishes from all the felines and their owners from the Land of Blog!!! 

Our knowledge of each other began when Pat was a "lurker"! It wasn't long before Pat was hooked and followed a few ladies regularly. . . Confessions of a Plate Addict title caught her eye. Pat  l o v e s plates! Not only did she enjoy reading Debbie's blog. . . but she was excited to meet "The Staff".  

Pat thinks Kitty and I could be twins!!! I heard her many times state that Isabella is a raving beauty! She adores that Ozzie and I were given male gender names! But, you, Baby Kitty, are her favorite of all!

You remind her of a cat she had throughout her High School years. Seems the neighbor gave her "pick of the litter". His name? Thom. NOT  Tom. . .as in Tom Cat . . . but Thom. A shortened version of  Thomas! She adored sophisticated names even in her youth!

So~o~o...naturally, when she received the invitation to attend your birthday party. . .she brought me along, also! It didn't take a lot of purr~suasion, though...I, myself, am quite smitten with you! 

Here's  what your owner had to say about the post  Pets Enhance Our Lives! Beyond her comment is the story of how I came to live with "Mr. Ed" and Pat.

Thank you for inviting us to your Eighth Birthday, Baby Kitty! I (we) look forward to many more posts with snapshots of Co~Hostess...Baby Kitty!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh, Pat! I loved reading Maurice's story! She is indeed special! My Ozzie is another female with a male name...and an attitude! Wonder if there's a connection...sort of like a boy named Sue! lol Regards to Maurice from my staff!...hugs...Debbie

Pets Enhance Our Lives!

( A repost from March 23, 2011 @ On Crooked Creek!)

Maurice 2011

Our Princess, Maurice, has been a source of joy in our lives for nearly 10 years. Although she's NOT the friendly type. . .nor is she a lap cat. . .she tolerates me and l o v e s "Mr.Ed".

l o v e "Mr. Ed"!

Let me tell you how we got our cat . . .

Please be seated.

A former student of mine was playing with a stray calico kitten on the elementary school playground one Fall day in 2000. I cautioned her that we shouldn't play with the stray cat and to go join her friends at the climber. She did ~ with a bit of an "attitude".


I had bus duty that evening. The buses were late coming from the High School. Another student confided in me my "attitude" student had gone around the building to get the stray cat. I summoned the help of another staff member, then I went to retrieve my wayward student. We met at the side of the building. I assumed the cat had left ~ she was empty handed.

Honestly, I didn't do a thing back there!

I learned a short while later my student had stuffed the cat into her back pack and taken it home to the farm. That would be the end of it. W R O N G! Cat ~ Napper, as "Mr. Ed" nicknamed my student, informed me my Christmas present would be a little late this year. She was giving me a kitten. Seems her napped cat was expecting! ! !

You can't . . .

see me. . .

I'm hiding!

"Mr. Ed" and I made a journey to the Cat ~Napper Farm during Spring Break 2001 and were honored to have "our pick of the litter". This beautiful little kitten with a white tip on its long, long tail came over. . .sat at my sandal feet and began licking. I picked it up and began to gently stroke, no purring. I tried to clean its nose. Through the giggles of Cat ~ Napper and her Mother, I was told it wasn't dirt, but a marking.

I work hard for my cat food. . .
so you'd better treat me right!

I took the kitten to the truck where "Mr. Ed" set waiting. I could hear ~ "NO's" ~ before I reached his open window. "I chose this one, but I might have to choose another. This one's broke." Again, giggles from the girls! Unenthused he replied, "Let me have it." As soon as he held the kitten, the purring was thunderous. I turned to Cat ~ Napper. . ."We'll take this one."

One Christmas present . . . ready to go!

Two weeks later, weened ~ we brought Maurice home. I never could get that correct on newborn kittens. I thought we had a male ~ thus Maurice ~ French for Morris. As in the famous Friskies Cat Food commercial ~ Morris the Cat. Turns out Maurice ~ is a female.

Now you see why I tolerate her!

Her mother a Calico. Her father a Siamese. A female with a male name.

Okay. . .let's get to the happyily ever after already!

Talk about CATTITUDE ~ Maurice definitely is a "cat with an attitude".

Me. . .attitude. . .please!

From the humble beginning of a farm cat born under the rabbit hutch. . .

A vision of loveliness. . .
Christmas 2010!
to being called PRINCESS . . .

Maurice 2011

Maurice has been such a source of joy in our lives!

Thank you for being such a receptive audience.

I wish you l o v e through the eyes of your pet!

Until next time. . .
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