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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid~Summer Cloche Party!

Oh, I've been waiting for just the right time to show all of you in Blog Land this sweet "little" treasure I found recently @ Memories of Home. This has to be the smallest, sweetest,cloche set ever. . . and for way under $10 dollars. . .it made my heart swoon!

The base is wrought iron filigree with four little ball feet. The little glass dome sits securely onto the base. Don't you just adore the scalloped edging???

On Crooked Creek wants to thank our dear hostess, Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for hosting a Summer Cloche Party! What a "perfect" opportunity to debut my newest cloche! You'll want to be sure to visit to see what the ladies of Blog Land have created for your viewing pleasure and inspiration!

Wanting something unique to showcase in this small cloche
. . .measuring at 4 1/2 " wide X 5 1/2 " tall. . .was no easy task.
So. . . shopping the house, I settled on this shell.

Look closely. . .it's  a sea shell that has been cut to resemble a flower blossom! You can see how the floral shell nicely fits the base of the cloche. My dear Chicago pen pal gifted me with this several years ago. I'd say she has a gift for finding the unique. Oh, how I do treasure her friendship and this gift!!!

I normally group items of three when setting a centerpiece for my expanded round dining table. Keeping the unity of hues in my centerpiece, I pared the tiny cloche with a cream colored urn filled with faux white florals.

The largest of the three items is my ivory lidded urn. The ivory makes a delicate back drop for the cloche and reduces the glare for photographing and viewing!

What a wonderful time I've had viewing all of the different cloches in Blog Land during this Summer Cloche Party! Again, many thanks, to our dear hostess, Marty for hosting.

On Crooked Creek will be posting the tablescape in its entirety soon. Be sure to stop by for a visit soon!

Until next time. . .
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