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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunflowers In The Kitchen!

Sometime between Father's Day and the Fourth of July the Sunflower Patch On Crooked Creek is full, lush and ready for an explosion of golden blooms. I have to be the luckiest lady on this side of the Prairie. As soon as the Sunflowers planted by "Mr. Ed" begin to open in all their glory ~ those same golden blooms begin to show their glorious heads on the indoors, as well! 

Sunflowers in the Kitchen. . .

Arriving On Crooked Creek, many of the Country decor items began making a subtle change to a more Traditional flavor. Wanting to create a relaxing and compassionate environment, we chose to go with a French Country decor for the kitchen / dining room.

Let's start in the kitchen, shall we?

In every successful relationship, there must be a sense of balance. Such is true for "Mr. Ed" and I. "Mr. Ed" is quite the character ~ me~ not so much. However; when I spotted this ruffled, three tiered, April Cornell Sunflower apron at our nearby TJ Maxx, I couldn't resist! But ~ when "Mr. Ed" and I go shopping, he becomes Mr. Penny Wise! So ~ instead of placing the apron in the cart ~I put it on! YES, I did!!! Right there ~ in the store~ and pushed my cart over to "Mr. Ed" for his approval. Ladies, the smile on his face. . . priceless!

Linens have always been a weakness of mine. The sensory feeling of fabric gives me inspiration. These Sunflower tea towels were purchased in a Kansas Sampler store during our Kansas City Anniversary trip. I adore the vibrant red hue and the way it brings the same shade from the wallpaper around the room.

The Sunflower salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my Pennsylvania Pen Pal shortly after our arrival On Crooked Creek!

I purchased the matching oil vessel and filled it with dish washing liquid, instead. Appears that I need to refill it now!

Sunflowers in the Dining Room. . .

Atop the hutch hangs my favorite Sunflower print which is surrounded by the addition of a few faux silk Sunflowers.  

 I adore my wicker half~basket at the end of the dining room hutch. Such an interesting French Country design piece to place seasonal gatherings in for display. These faux Sunflowers are almost as lovely as the ones that grow On Crooked Creek. A vision to behold!

The Sunflower  stained glass pane was a gift of Christmas past from our son and daughter ~ in ~law. It hangs in front of the stationary patio door beckoning those Sunflowers from the garden to come indoors.

The olive jar holds silken realistically appearing Sunflowers. For this Summer tablescape, I chose brown scalloped place mats, my European wooden handled rustic flatware, golden pepper dinnerware ~ and my new April CornellSunflower napkins held with wooden brown and red beaded napkin rings. The addition of my huge faux pears will make the transition of the seasons from Summer into Fall.

This adorable Sunflower is hand painted on a piece of slate. A sweet gift from a former co~worker and friend. Memories flow over me each season that I bring it out for display. This year it graces our table. . . reminding me of the numerous lunch periods we shared in conversation and laughter!

While the Summer of 2011, On Crooked Creek, has been sweltering with triple digit temperatures numbering in the excess of 46 days ~ the  Sunflowers still managed to survive. The Sunflowers grown by "Mr. Ed" are now rapidly fading away; however the Sunflower decor will continue to thrive until the onset of Thanksgiving.

Until next time. . .
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