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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gingerbread Invasion Continues!!!

Gingerbread Invades Crooked Creek!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Ones, 
As you can see this post first appeared in 2010; however it is, once again, our year to host Christmas On Crooked Creek! So~o~o. . . what better time to re~visit the invasion of Gingerbread On Crooked Creek than Christmas in July???
Gingerbread Invades Crooked Creek! 2010

It's true. . .the gingerbread have invaded On Crooked Creek's kitchen! ! ! . . .and quite nicely, I might add! For the past three years my kitchen Christmas decor has become an invasion of gingerbread cookie jars, dolls, people, villages. . .you name it. . .I probably have it!

What began as a sweet gesture from one of my library helpers has grown over the past years to enormous proportions. Every year there seem to be more added to the collection! Just when I think this tiny little kitchen can't possibly hold one more gingerbread item. . .another one arrives! Amazingly enough, I always manage to find space for the newest arrival.

The darling gingerbread doll came to me in the early 90's from Sarah. Her mother told me Sarah had seen it in a mail order catalog, brought the catalog to her and said, "Pat needs that in her country kitchen! This gingerbread doll is one of the few that actually has a name. Can you guess what that might be?

Next came the arrival of this darling little gingerbread lamp. It showed up in the work room at the middle school where I was employed. One of my fellow co~workers hosted a craft fair of handmade items and had brought those that didn't sell for us to purchase. How could I resist? I couldn't!

The next two years, same co~worker. . .same scenario, different purchase! I found that the gingerbread man brought back fond memories from our military years of baking cookies for the troops in my husband's command. Yep! He came home in a brown paper bag! Don't you just adore his flour sack and rolling pin?

The following year, I came across that same co~worker at our Church Bazaar! You guessed correctly. . .this time the gingerbread girl made her way into my heart with her jar of ginger, rolling pin, flour sack and heart~shaped cookie! That same year we were again tempted with the bazaar left~overs.

This darling little mason jar filled with peppermints gingerbread girl with her sweet dolly couldn't be left with no home for the holidays! Now could she?

The same year another co~worker gifted me with this sweet gingerbread doll ornament made from a brown paper bag with a fabric dress! The list just keeps going, and going, and going!

Now, even "Mr. Ed" is clued into this conspiracy and brings home these darling ornaments of Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread so~o~o. . . you guessed correctly again. Thus the gingerbread tree was created to hold all the soft felted gingerbread people!

You'd think by now that would be the end of my story. Wrong! My darling daughter~in~law tied this little gingerbread man sitting on the rolling pin cutie to my Christmas gift one year!

The gingerbread tree was becoming a bit too brown, so I dug into my collection of metal cookie cutters and placed them on the tree! I used red and white gingham checked ribbon to tie them on the tree remembering each place and duty station where they had been purchased. To complete the look, "Mr. Ed" brought his mother's donut and biscuit cutters up from the basement storage.

One of the funniest additions to our gingerbread collection was the year we both purchased gingerbread houses for the kitchen. Yes! We have two! Both could be used for cookie jars, but we just use them in our decor! The same year, for my birthday "Mr. Ed" gifted me with the gingerbread plates!

A dear friend, now deceased, brought the gingerbread metal tray over one day and said, "Here. . .this belongs in your kitchen!" Wouldn't it be great to live long enough to gift your things to those you want to have them? I cherish that little plate and find a special place for it year~after~year! This year it is nestled on an easel in my favorite vignette.

New, already, this year are the cute little gingerbread couple on the stove top. Purchased early in the season for only a dollar each at the Dollar General! The recipe cards are from years, long ago!

I replaced the red terry cloth gingerbread towels with new flour sack gingerbread towels! They add a country look and accentuate the little yellow stool from my husband's youth! I placed these cuties on the range handle. Gingerbread boy and girl made of corduroy on red and white checked fabric! Did you notice the rick~rack trim?

In keeping with the brightly hued decor to compliment the gingerbread, I hung red berry garland from my chandelier and varying heights of red and gold vintage appealing ornaments on red and white checked ribbon and bows.

"Mr. Ed" and I seldom agree on candies and condiments, thus the difference and variety in my apothecary jars! Can you guess which one of us is plain and which one is peanut?

Just another quick look around and then it will be time to begin my Christmas cookie baking.

Confession of the soul:
This is our year to host Christmas On Crooked Creek. I was wanting to change out the kitchen decor this year for something different. As we talk and reflect on family Traditions, last years Christmas came to mind.

Our son stopped by with his list of food items for me to contribute to Christmas dinner at their home. While I was going over the list, he stepped over to the Gingerbread Tree and gently caressed a few of the tin cookie cutters. Our cookie baking Tradition started when he was three years old and could help "cut out" the cookies. A tradition we kept together through his college years! I'm sure those memories of the people who helped make the cookies and the recipients of our labors must have come flooding back over him. A gentle, quiet soul; he only smiled. No words were spoken; none were needed between Mother and child.

As I began to finalize those decor ideas and prepare for our Christmas On Crooked Creek, I carried each box upstairs with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. Dear ones, the Gingerbread Invasion Continues On Crooked Creek! ...and it will again in 2012!!!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining our dear hostesses, Anita@ Cedar Hill Ranch on July 23rd and Debbie @ Confessions of a Plate Addict and her precious Staff on July 24th for A Texas Christmas in July! Be sure to visit and come away inspired for your best holiday season yet!!!


Shelia said...

Hi Pat! Oh, my look at all of your darling gingerbreads! So many lovely Christmas vignettes too! Love your chandy with the pretty glass ornies hanging down! Now the important question - where's my present? :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

It's beautiful. Pat! That chandy is amazing! And I love your gingerbread cute! I have a few gingerbread pieces, but now you have inspired me to be on the lookout for more! Thanks so much for sharing at the Christmas in July Party!...hugs...Debbie

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I adore your kitchen all decorated for Christmas with gingerbread men! I decorate mine the same way and I too have a Christmas tree. I have a tree in every room actually . I also have a lot of candy things in my Kitchen too!
I was touched by the story about your son and the cookie cutter.
As my mother 2 sons, I know what you are talking about.
I so enjoyed seeing your Kitchen!! Thanks so much for sharing!