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Monday, July 30, 2012

Laundry Day Blues???

Ever have the laundry day blues???

Arriving On Crooked Creek, I had envisioned a laundry / mud room similar to the one in my previous "dream home"! A place where laundry was contained until wash day, washed, folded or hung, and then neatly put away.

I was hopeful that laundry room would have ample space where my ironing board and large vintage clothes rack could remain out. . . never having to be put away!  Reality check!

On Crooked Creek's ~
                                                                 laundry closet!!!

Please don't misunderstand. . . with every passing birthday. . .I am grateful that my laundry room is on the upper level living in our 1970's Ranch Style Home!
So many of my friends have to go
                      up ~
                                    and ~
                                                                   stairs to do their laundry chores!

My laundry "closet" is located right off the dining room. . .behind bi~fold doors! 

Arriving On Crooked Creek, I had grandeur thoughts that behind those bi~fold doors was a shelf lined pantry!

Trying hard to hide my disappointment and aided by "Mr. Ed's" encouragement, I began to make the most of this laundry closet! Using the place mats I made from our previous laundry / mud room, I began to adjust to our new home!

Remember 1970's Ranch Style houses had dark cabinetry!!!
Poor lighting!!! No clothes pole!!!

So~o~o. . .

"Mr. Ed" installed and painted two stock cabinets from Lowe's! One above the washer. . .one above the dryer. . .perfect for housing laundry day items!

Then he added a clothes pole for hanging perma~press items right from the dryer!

He measured and cut a shelf to go above the clothes pole for a decorative shelf!

A quick trip to Sherwin ~ Williams, "Mr. Ed" had paint matched to the background of our kitchen wallpaper! And finally, he removed the dated light fixture and replaced it with a brushed nickel track lighting!!!

Honoring his transformation of On Crooked Creek's laundry closet. . .
I chose heirloom vintage enameled and galvanized kitchen and laundry room treasures from the "Family Farm" to accessorize!

Beginning with a galvanized pitcher and percolator. . .

Maid - Rite washboard, iron, mason jar holding vintage wooden clothes pins. . .

Dubl Handi washboard, another iron, Sun Crest soda bottle with sprinkle head. . .

 Enamel pail. . .

and ending with a galvanized tea kettle!

Since On Crooked Creek's laundry closet has no place for a laundry hamper, our method of laundry sorting is three plastic baskets atop the washer and dryer.

 One for "Mr. Ed's" work clothes. . .

one for towels. . .and the other for my delicate clothing.

Except. . .
now that we are both "retired", our laundry needs have changed somewhat! We no longer need a separate laundry basket for "Mr. Ed's" greasy, road tar clothing!

So~o~o. . .
while at my favorite unique antique shop a few weeks ago, I found this small vintage basket and it is just the right size for my delicate clothing!!!

I adore its honey hued texture
so~o~o much more than the white plastic!!!

My concern with its wonderful texture is that it might snag my delicate garments.

Going through my "treasure trove" of vintage linens, I came across a single pillowcase edged with intricate hand crocheted cotton lace!

A perfect fit. . .
                      almost. . .
                                   with modification. . .
                                                                   can you visualize it???

Yes, ma'am. . .I know that means I have to get out the sewing machine. Ugh! But in the end, I'm sure it will be exactly what I need to combat the laundry day blues!

Until next time. . .

I am on the "look~out" for two larger vintage bushel baskets to replace the other plastic laundry baskets! If you have a resource, please let me know in your comment! Thanks!!!
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