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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rustic Christmas On The Prairie! (Revisited)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rustic Christmas on the Prairie. . .

This year, "Mr. Ed" and I wanted a simpler, more relaxed look for our Christmas decor. Instead of the Traditional red and green that usually fills the upper level, we choose a more Rustic Christmas on the Prairie !

By bringing the Lodge Tree up from the lower level living family room with all it's bronze, gold, and brown ornaments, the change was relatively easy! The only purchase was the wide natural wire ribbon used for garland!

Come closer and we'll watch the transformation step~ by~ step!

The backdrop is the first thing I tackle On Crooked Creek. Getting those wreaths hung in the window can be quite challenging when you're 5 foot 2!!! It usually takes many trips up and down the ladder to assure they are all at the same level!

Identical is the look I'm after! "Mr. Ed" is great help...he even photographed for me after my discussion concerning the electrical cords.

Using the same wide ribbon for the wreaths as the well as the garland gives that rustic look and unifies the natural appearance. The texture of this ribbon is smooth, not at all like burlap, and has a golden sheen which reflects the light!

The use of wired ribbon allows me to shape the bow and give it a full, puffy effect! I adore bows!

Now you can see how important it was to level all the wreaths and poof the bows. This makes a striking backdrop for the star of the living room. . . our Lodge Christmas Tree!

The Lodge Christmas Tree is something I won during a Christmas Open House at our local Floral Store in South East Kansas. The tree trunk itself appears to have come from a rough cut log and the branches are huge!

The pine cones and twig balls come already attached to the branches! The addition of 300 lights makes a radiant glow throughout the room!

The only other textural element added is the faux twigs strategically placed into the branches for a more authentic appearance!

Next comes the ornaments and icicles!!!

Instead of using a store bought tree skirt, I opted using a creamy ivory, quilted, scalloped throw from Victorian Heart! The softness is amazing at the base of the tree. The softer hue reflects the light from above and compliments the new carpeting On Crooked Creek!

The Christmas Tree On Crooked Creek isn't complete without our precious porcelain Angel in her place of honor at the top! Her creamy ivory dress with golden accents brings a unity to the entire decor of the tree.

The calm serenity of a Rustic Christmas on the Prairie
         is just what I was dreaming of. . . On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek is joining our dear hostesses, Anita@ Cedar Hill Ranch on July 23rd and Debbie @ Confessions of a Plate Addict and her precious Staff on July 24th for A Texas Christmas in July! Be sure to visit and come away inspired for your best holiday season yet!!!
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