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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hard Working Secretary. . .

Dear Ones,
Today is the first day of my being unemployed, by choice.
So~ once I did a little necessary housekeeping, I decided to
just sit down and write you all a letter!

Since last October,
I've been trying desperately to organize my MoMa's hard working secretary! There just never seemed to be ample time to do the fun things I wanted to do on my days off. Today was the perfect day!!!

This is the one piece of my MoMa's furniture that I truly wanted.
I was thrilled when my Dad gifted us with "The Secretary" after returning from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip @ Bennett Spring State Park last Fall! Once the new carpet was installed, "Mr. Ed" and I had to do some intense rearranging in the Master Bedroom to make it fit!!!

The top of "the secretary" has had a similar vignette since arriving On Crooked Creek; however, when I placed an alabaster and marble bust in the vignette, I lost room for a bedside lamp. One of my bedtime rituals is to read in bed. I've been missing relaxing with a good book or magazine for far too long. Trust me ladies, I tried three different lamps before I broke down and brought this one in from the dining room. The vintage green one clashed with the wall color ~ the hand painted pink vintage lamp with the pink and green stripe lampshade and pink rosebud trim was too tall~ this one is just right!!! It is the perfect hue and height!

A silver tray holds vintage crystal and silver lidded jars with a faux creamy ivory potted miniature rose bush as a backdrop!  A Barvarian handpainted pink carnation china plate incorporates all the hues of the Master Bedroom as well as complimenting the two rose prints! The creamy ivory porcelain mantle clock embossed with roses and gold trim completes the vignette atop "The Secretary".

Moma used "The Secretary" to hold blank checks, envelopes, stamps, stationery and her cigarettes!

Being the hopeless romantic born with a love for all things vintage here is what I've chosen to store in "The Secretary"!

Not the typical, envelopes and stationery like MoMa used...and defintely NO cigarettes! You are welcome to come closer for a better look inside "The Secretary". I'm sure you'll be amazed at my vintage antique and flea market finds and the unique ways I've used them to store all the necessary writing supplies for correspondence!

Starting on the left side, I have intriquite embossed heart~shaped note cards and envelopes stacked neatly in a vintage silver toast rack. Encased in delicate pale pink envelopes are the sweetest cherub note cards from Gallery Graphics, Inc. in Noel, Missouri.

Directly behind the cherub note cards are these vintage inspired seed packets from Victorian Trading Company. The back of the packet reads. . .







Barnes and Noble Book Store has the most elegant stationery sets. This classic black and cream embossed "designer sheets add flair to your correspondence, as you keep alive the fine art of letter~writing." I've placed 'extra' stationery and envelopes in a rose embossed silver napkin holder to add that vintage flair I crave.

The right side is a collection of all things vintage from an era of days gone by!

Beginning with the brass and crystal ink well, brass Victorian calling card holder, and a vintage vase turned antique swan scissor holder! I placed them all atop a hand crocheted doilie to add softness and lighten the wood and brass tones.

Directly over head are vintage glass ink wells...
the smaller of the two reads "WHARTON'S INK   NASHVILLE TENN  2" while the larger only has  B 3 on the bottom of the bottle. The ivory embossed scalloped envelopes are from Carol Wison Fine Arts, Inc collection. The stationery was exquisite, all that remains are these few envelopes.

Directly in the center I've placed a few of my favorite handmade treasures. The shadow box heart made from vintage ivory buttons is a gift from a dear friend. The "handmade with a vintage flair" gift enclosure and envelope are from my previous business Studio One. I adore these Lady Jayne Ltd. gargen die~cut sticky pads. A source of inspiration, I can't bring myself to open them for use!

MoMa's hard working secretary completed with all the necessities for finely hand written correspondence. I, too, hope to hear from each of you often as you visit On Crooked Creek! Blogging friends are such a treasure, a gift to one's soul!

 I did so enjoy myself on my first day of unemployment. Not sure what tomorrow holds, dear ones, but I'm ready to meet each days challenges as they arise!  Thank you for coming along on my journey.

Until next time. . .
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