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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Milk and Honey!

On Crooked Creek ~
is blessed to have a handyman! "Mr. Ed" can make  a n y t h i n g!

I've been envious of those adorable wooden boxes that show up frequently on blogs I visit!

So~o~o . . .
while we were returning from celebrating my Dad's "90th" birthday, we stopped into a unique Antique Shop in Yates Center and the owner had at least a dozen of those boxes in all shapes, sizes and finishes!

I had just about made my final decision on which one I couldn't leave without when "Mr. Ed" whispered over my shoulder,
" I can make you one of those boxes."

"Do you have your camera with you?"

Silly question!!!
Two things I never leave home without. . . my camera and a tape measure when I know I'm going, I mean antiquing!

Once we arrived home, "Mr. Ed" wasted no time at all making a prototype!!!
With what else, but cardboard and duck tape!

Now, ladies. . .having a custom made wooden box is the "bees knees"!!!

First, we had to make the size fit our small circular dining table.

Next, we had to make the interior with grooves. . .
to accommodate any plates that I might what to display inside the box!

Finally, we had to decide on the finish.

"Mr. Ed" states if I paint this box it will be the last one he makes for me!!!

So~o~o. . .for now. . .the jury is still out on the final finish!

Those of you who follow On Crooked Creek already know that my all ~ time favorite tablescape is black, white and green! However; this Spring, I really am loving this buttery yellow hue!!!

So~o~o. . .
here's my black &  white toile scalloped place mats set with my everyday white china dinnerware!

Black &  white checked napkins with beaded buttery yellow napkin rings! I adore how our everyday stainless steel beaded flatware mimics the beading on our dinnerware!!!

Whether we're having breakfast, lunch or dinner. . .
clear bubble stemware for our iced tea and our bee stemware for orange juice!

To begin the centerpiece, bouquets of soft buttery yellow hued Prairie flowers fill a Lennox crystal cut glass vase.

Now comes the milk & honey. . .
a vintage one pint milk bottle and a lidded crystal etched honey jar. . .fit nicely atop one of my newest vintage finds ~ a Cannon cotton dishtowel! I adore the windowpane check with crisp white and yellow hues!

On Crooked Creek ~ a newly acquired collection is in the making! Creamy ivory ironstone! The only marking is on the oval tray and it reads  U S A.  

Hand~painted bee hive salt &  pepper shakers from Japan are a complimentary accessory for  any meal On Crooked Creek!

It must be a breakfast tablescape. . .
look it's the Honey Nut Cheerio bee! Isn't he the cutest???

Oh, no! Another bee on the dining room table?
Now where did I put that fly ~ swatter???

A black, white and buttery yellow tablescape. . .
this might just be my favorite hues yet!

Dear Ones,
I thought I was over~hearing a swarm of bees. . .
what's this?

Can it be???

"Mr. Ed" making another wooden box???

Ah~h~h. . .
in the land of milk & honey. . .

Until next time. . .
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