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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bird Observations. . .

Winter arrived late on the Prairie,
but arrive it did with all its beauty and glorious views!!!

I set up a bird observation tablescape
On Crooked Creek for "Mr. Ed" and I to enjoy
 during our meal times.

This angle allows us both 
to watch all the antics of our fine~feathered
friends at the bird feeder!

Taking a clue from the birds,
I layered. . .
I fluffed. . .
I layered some more. . .
I embellished. . .
until I had this tablescape just right!

Come along. . .
and I show you how I accomplished our bird observation
step ~ by ~ step!

* * * * * Tutorial * * * * * 

Layering ~

I began with my creamy ivory rose damask circular table cloth.
The shimmering stripes and embossed roses 
add an air of elegance to our everyday table covering!

Next, I added a plain, white linen rectangular tablecloth 
with a fagot hem placed at an angle!

Then, I topped off both
with a white square table topper with intricate 
open crochet and fagot hem.

Exquisite is the delicate crochet inlay!

Fluffing ~

Shopping in Studio One,
I re~located the floral arrangement
to the dining room table.

Next, I brought in the white lacy birds on pedestals. . .

added a lidded sugar bowl. . .

combined with an ironstone petite pitcher
called to do duty as a creamer.
The hue in this pitcher mimics a Robin's egg!

More Layering ~

 Definitely time to begin the place settings! 

For this feathered observation,
I chose my Homer Laughlin Epicenter Aqua blue dinner plates.

The interior is a creamy ivory
with a gold banding around the perimeters.

Matching cup and saucer 
for our evening tea as we linger to enjoy the views.

Atop the dinner plate,
I added my Pottery Barn bird dessert / salad plate.

Everyday Oneida stainless steel 
is our favorite flatware due to its easy care.

Embellishments ~

Clear bubble glass stemware
resembles the icy scenes of the past few days!

Creamy ivory and white wrought iron napkin rings
featuring a bird on the branch continue the theme.

Ecru hued linen napkins with a fagot edging
are held in place assisted by our fine~feather friends.

As the birds add feathers, sometimes called down,
to cushion their nest. . . 

"Mr. Ed" and I, also chose cushions
as an added support for our backs. . .

and softening as we linger at the sights
at the patio door and beyond.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

After "Mr. Ed" had shoveled the 14 +inches
of snow from the deck, we again received a light dusting. . .

As long as the snow remains here on the Prairie,

On Crooked Creek,

so will our tablescape for bird observations!!!

Until next time. . .

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