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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Streamlined Storage Shelves. . .

Updating and streamlining should go hand~in~hand!

Once the paint dried in Studio One,
I began the task of m i n i m i z i n g 
the items on my tall storage shelves.
AMAZING. . .what one can do without!!!

Formerly, this second shelf 
of my tall storage shelving unit 
held the stereo and CD's in Studio One.

Now that I'm enjoying retirement,
I wanted to add some ambiance 
to my creative space.

Soft buttery yellow tulips 
and a birds nest complete with faux eggs
in a bird planter bring about a sense of serenity.

We'll start with the top shelf
where I've the greatest challenge for Studio One. . .
duct work!!!

Although I do my best to camouflage the pipe,
I just have to accessorise and "forget about it"!!!

This top shelf is the perfect place
to store the few magazines that are perused less often.

"Mr. Ed" hung the gold and silver frame
on the back of the shelf (formerly the second shelf).
I know it appears to be a chalkboard, but it's black cardboard!
By placing the shelf in the upright position,
I was able to add a lamp for soft illumination of the space.

Inspirational classical music, 
contained within a vintage card catalog drawer,
and my CD player now reside where formerly
I had all my rolls of various hued ribbons!

Silver mesh magazine holders were simply turned around!
Adding labels to each holder 
allows me to easily access the magazines for research as needed.
White binders on the bottom
hold cards, letters and mementos of my Pen Pals.

Pastel hued binders hold those design files of years gone by!
They contain crafting ideas, prose, sayings and quotes
and a host of inspirational ideas that I seldom use. . .
recently replaced in the design world by pinterest!!!

In Studio One,
On Crooked Creek,
streamlined and updating go hand~in~hand!!!

Before. . .
. . . After!

Before. . .
. . . After!

Before. . .
Before. . .
. . .After!

Before. . .
. . . After!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining
Metamorphosis Monday!

Be sure to visit. . .
for you'll come away inspired
with amazing ideas
for your own home decor!
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