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Friday, January 25, 2013

Color Palette Reveal. . .

2013 is the year for updating Studio One!
and I'm pleased to announce. . . 
the color palette has been chosen!!!

Midsummer's Dream ~
is the hue of the cabinetry in Studio One.
This hue is nearly identical to the original color.

Turkish Coffee ~
Although not being used,
this is the exact shade of one of the dressers in Studio One.

Popular Gray ~
is the exact shade of the cement unfinished walls 
that flank the entire length of one side of Studio One.

Versatile Gray ~
has been chosen for some furniture updating.

Grecian Ivory ~
will be used to help in making some fabric choices
as well as several of the accent pieces that I have!

As you can see,
 the Grecian Ivory hue is prevalent in the pair of hares
and the shelf they are perched upon.
I do believe that the hares are giving their approval 
on the newest addition to Studio One.

The Ice Blue hue of this area rug is close in color to Popular Grey.
What a difference in the overall lightness this rug choice makes 
in Studio One, not to mention the addition it gives to my comfort level when standing at my workspace.

At the present time, "Mr. Ed" and I are sawing, gluing, painting, 
compromising and re~arranging (again)!
Throw in a bit of shopping for necessary supplies 
and desirable accessories, 
and I can tell you that we are busy 
making the needed changes and updates in Studio One  for 2013!

Until next time. . .
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