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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

L O N G Over~due!

L O N G  over~due
is the perfect phrase On Crooked Creek
for Studio One!

Studio One began as the creative space
in the unfinished portion of our lower level
of our 1970's Ranch Style Home!

This is the space where I do card making,
scrapbooking, gift wrapping, floral arranging and c r e a t i n g!

Several years ago, I owned and operated a
Handmade Cards with a Vintage Flair
home~based business in Studio One.

I've come full ~ circle
and Studio One is once again my c r e a t i v e space!

After 8 years,
not only have my needs for this space changed,
but my choice of decor for this space is changing, as well.

My first design choices were a Spring theme.
There are no windows in Studio One.
Having a Spring themed decor
allowed me to be surrounded
by soft pastel shades for continual inspiration.

Returning from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip,
after a week of rest and relaxation,
I now had a vision for utilizing Studio One's space.

With new floor layout in hand,
I began the task of moving the furniture
I deemed necessary into place.

Then the task of re~organizing each area began.
Donations to our local Thrift Shop and Goodwill,
along with some major furniture pieces being sold
@ Bits 'n Pieces this past Autumn, gave me the space
I sought to bring about those changes.

  One of those needed changes is a the addition of  a painless window.I view this as my "window of opportunities".

Pausing briefly,
as I began the preparations for
Celebrating Christmas On Crooked Creek,
I've now finished re~organizing of the storage shelves
that flank one entire end of Studio One.

Having defined the needs of my space,
I will begin to make the decor changes to enhance each area.

In keeping with a Vintage Flair,
I want to incorporate a more streamlined decor here, as well.
Adding soft hues, lightening some of the dark furniture
and the addition of fabrics to soften the concrete walls
are a few of the updates I have projected.

I am, truly, inspired and motivated to see
a soft palette transformation in Studio One.
Stay tuned and I'll reveal each project as we go.

Until next time. . .

Thank You ~
for your patience while I was encouraged and advised
how to continue without a browser button to upload photos!
I appreciate your continued patience
while I'm still trying to work through this handicap!!!
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