The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Let It Snow 2013. . .

While working on A Frosty Tablescape,
I realized that the buffet needed a bit of winterizing, too!

I  l o v e  Snow! ! !
So, when I saw this intricately designed plaque
years ago, I knew it would be a Winter design accessory
for On Crooked Creek's decor!

I adore this stove pipe hat with Frosty's famous message. . .
for I truly am saddened to see the Snow leave.
Adorned with a touch of red icy berries
and combined with the silver candlelabra
leaves the message to ones imagination, doesn't it?

As I finish the preparations for our meal each evening,
this is my view from the kitchen into the dining room.
The tiny metal hat with the plume
is really a candle snuffer!

On Crooked Creek,
it is always my wish for Frosty ~
and the Snow to return!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining
Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life
for Table Top Tuesday
where inspiration abounds for the loveliest
vignettes in the Land of Blog!!!
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Susie said...

Pat, The Frosty hat is adorable. The saying"I'll be back again someday," used to almost make me cry as a kid. " Sad that Frosty was melting. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

podso said...

Really like the plaque! Hope you are doing OK...

Designs By Pinky said...

Love that hat and the plaque!! The candleabra is beautiful. XO, Pinky

Dewena Callis said...

It's all so pretty and the lovely piece of furniture it sits on. Still no snow here. Send some our way, please.

Sarah said...

Perfect for one who loves snow. ;-)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I'd be happy to send all our snow your way!
So pretty!