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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Organization Is The Key!

On Crooked Creek,
organization is the key to any Seasonal change!

And 2013 is "The Year" to finish that
which I began in 2012!!!

2012 was the purge and edit stage.
Once my employment was changed to retirement,
I cleaned out every cabinet, closet, cupboard and drawer
on the upper and lower levels of our 1970's Ranch Style Home!

This year, as I began to take down the Christmas decor,
I began emptying every storage tub and refilling by category.


Even with all the previous purging and editing,
"Mr. Ed' still has made several trips to the Thrift Shop,
Goodwill and our re~cycle dumpster.

Next came the task of organizing the Seasonal decor
neatly on the shelves.
I opted for smaller containers with more specific labeling.

Ladies, as many of you know,
those containers can hold a lot of items
which can mean a lot of weight.

Lighter and brighter has multiple meanings
in the updating of Studio One!!!

Using card stock and ink,
leftover from my former business,
I made my own labels.

* * * Tip * * *
I have "card cataloged" each bin
with a detailed description of its contents.
These skills come from my former volunteer position
as City Librarian in Southeast Kansas.

Now, as I need a specific item,
I can open my 4" X 6 " index file box,
locating items through the listing
instead of lifting and opening each bin!

I am continually grateful
for the time I have to enjoy my home.
As all of you know,
On Crooked Creek,
Season ~ by ~ Season
change is constant!!!

Until next time. . .

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