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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lovin' The Traditional. . .

Dear Ones, 
May I just say, "I'm l o v i n' the Traditional decor
On Crooked Creek more with each Season that passes!"

When removing the Christmas greenery and lanterns
from atop the China Hutch and Buffet,
I kept a streamlined decor. 

The only changes recently made,
are a change of dresser scarf, linen tea towel,
and the message and ribbon on the silver tray chalkboard
from Winter's Twilight in January. (here)

Not only do we welcome 
our family and guests, On Crooked Creek,
we, also, welcome the onset of Spring!

The upper hutch has been cleared of excessive decor pieces
and remained that way during the streamlining process!

These porcelain woven white baskets
were an Anniversary gift from "Mr. Ed"
during a trip to Nell Hill's Briarcliff Store in Kansas City.

This creamy ivory urn shaped planter
is an oops! piece from the Antique Shop
where I formerly worked. (The back side has a huge crack.)

An heirloom crystal etched vase
belonging to my beloved maternal Grandmother. . .

and a crystal etched jelly jar from a life~long friend!

From our travels in Europe,
a footed crystal candy dish with a frosted butterfly lid. . .

resides beside a matching crystal vase!

This reticulated porcelain compote 
is an heirloom from my childhood.

I don't remember seeing the interior design 
before MoMa gave me this compote ~ 
as it was always filled with bananas or grapes.

My all time favorite white porcelain vase!!!
Oh so Frenchy and feminine!!!

Light, bright with a streamlined visual appeal.
I think this look definitely has longevity in
On Crooked Creek's China Hutch and Buffet!


Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining
Table Top Tuesday!

Be sure to visit
for you’ll come away
filled with amazing inspirations
for use in your own home décor!

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