The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Promise Of Spring. . .

Spring arrives in the Guest Room,
On Crooked Creek, with pale hues to promote tranquility.

Eggs are the one decor accessory
that whispers ever so softly ~
Spring has arrived!

Removing the white Tea Set,
I chose a Gold Crown pale Aqua saucer
to place under my short cloche.
Soft buttery  yellow paper shreds
gently create a nest for muted blue and green eggs.
A faux blossom and double satin ribbon
in soft butter yellow brings harmonious balance.

With Easter rapidly upon us this year,
I've added  a "pair of hares" to this trayscape 
to welcome our guests.

I adore his sailor collar, bow tie and gingham checked overalls.
The floral and ribbon garland softly encompassing her head
reminds me of May Days of years past. 
She dons a rose apron piped with pink bias tape 
and red satin ribbon rosettes!

The dusty blue lace neckroll
creates a soft backdrop for our Guest Room Spring Trayscape.

The feminine poofy quilted block bedspread
is adorned with lace and ruffles.

A petite night stand holds a vintage blue glass lamp
complete with glass ruffled lampshade. 

The framed print was a gift from a Pen Pal.

A vintage Baby Ben clock is a recent Antique Mall find. 
Wound daily, it keeps accurate time.

A sweet touch of Spring ~
two faux eggs nestled atop soft butter yellow paper shreds.
The platinum rimmed Lenox China dish 
usually holds chocolates for our guests.

An heirloom, vintage secretary 
rests to the right side of the Guest Room bed.

Above the secretary,
is my MoMa's baby dress, tattered and torn. . .
but still intack and hand stitched by my maternal Grandmother.
Moma was born April 1916.

The pastel hues of my Precious Moments collection
continues the tranquil mood of our Guest room.

This precious soldier reminds me of the hymn,
Onward Christian Soldier; however he was purchased
to commemorate "Mr. Ed's" years of service in the U. S. Army.

I purchased this figurine as a gift for my parents
to commermorate the 40th Anniversary of my adoption. 
My Dad returned the figurine to me
shortly after my MoMa passed away in 1994.

A precious gift from the parents 
of my Pre~School class students 
during my first year of teaching.

In this era of technology,
with written correspondence nearing extinction,
I feel continually blessed to have three precious Pen Pals.

My first Pen Pal is from Pennsylvania.
After arriving here on the Prairie, I aquired a second Pen Pal
originally from Illinois ~ now residing in Tennessee.

Just recently, a new Pen Pal from Florida.
I enjoy hearing from these ladies on a continuing basis.

As you can see here, 
the Easter cards are already addressed and waiting to be mailed!

Howling winds may still be ever present On Crooked Creek,
but I'm hoping it won't be much longer 
before the full onset of Spring!

For with the promise of  Spring ~
                                                             comes the possibility of guests!!!

Until next time. . .


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Spring? what is that? Well the sun is out today, maybe it will come!

Shelia said...

HI Pat! Oh, your guest room is so lovely! I adore all of your little Precious Moments figurines. When I was into my cross stitch phase, I made quite a few little PM pieces. I think your little bunnies in the tray are darling and love it that they are holding hands.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

NanaDiana said...

Hi Pat- Spring is looking very sweet at your house. I love that you have long lasting pen pals. I used to have a couple of really good pen pals, too. Blessings- xo Diana

podso said...

Nice bits of spring at your house! I like your eggs and their colors. Very pretty. It's interesting that you have pen pals that you write to. When you use the word pen pal it sounds like it's someone you don't really know, or are they friends who just like to write letters? Either way, it's nice to see someone writing a real letter!

bj said...

Love your guest bedroom with all the PM and sweetness in there. If ever I am "on the prairie", I hope you will let me sleep in your pretty room.:)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Spring never looked so pretty!
Wish I could pop in for a few days, I could use a break from show prep!!