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Friday, March 22, 2013

McGregor Vignette. . .

Dear Ones,
Most of the time, On Crooked Creek
I take myself  w a y  too seriously!

I  k n o w  I need to lighten up,
let my guard down,
and en J O Y life more.

. . .and that's what prompted 
this McGregor vignette!

On Crooked Creek
I have an on~going affair with b u n n i e s! 
I  l o v e  b u n n i e s!

Most of the bunnies in my collection 
are very neutral and realistic appearing.
There is, however, one exception. . .ah~h~h!

This was my first pastel bunny purchase!
Largely acquired as a token of my years
as an Early Childhood Educator, he reminded me of Peter Rabbit!

Just look at that innocent little face!
Don't you know I truly lost my heart when I first saw that face???

Who could resist???
Certainly, definitely. . .I couldn't!!!

The same day, on another shelf in the store,
I purchased this  b u n n y  couple!
Aren't they just the cutest thing???

Because they weren't inexpensive. . .
I wasn't able to bring home the tallest b u n n y of this grouping!

Later, while at a local Antique Mall,
I found this "cutie" in a booth marked @ 20% off!!!

Now, my  b u n n y  family together at last!
I've brought them to the dining room for Springs arrival!

"Mr. Ed's" box has been painted a soft gray
and filled to the brim with Bordallo Pinhiero Majolica collection.

Two newly acquired additions to my collection
are this cabbage leaf and vine plate. 

I adore how the little blossoms are intricately detailed.

Also, this cabbage leaf  plate
is a match to my collection minus the brown trimmed rim.

While perusing home decor shops,
I'm always on the hunt for  unique embellishments
that enhance my collections and displays!

These faux cabbages definitely fit the bill!!!

 A few faux asparagus spears
tied with twine create more visual appeal!

Grouping large and small cabbages
creates a greater impact!

Creating a realistic environment,
I used my cabbage leaf place mats 
to line the top of the built~in china cabinet.

These bunny figurines certainly appear to have been
made in the likeness of those illustrations of Beatrix Potter.

But, does this adorable bunny 
appear to have a rebellious nature???

Could he possibly defy his mother 
by trespassing into the garden. . .

while attempting to find some vegetables on which to snack???

Mischievous, perhaps. . .
one thing I know for sure,
these four bunny figurines have stolen my heart
and will always have a space On Crooked Creek!!!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining
Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for
Metamorphosis Monday!

And. . .
Table Top Tuesday!

Be sure to visit
for you’ll come away
filled with amazing inspirations
for use in your own home décor!

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